(This is NOT the "micro-dosing" you may have in mind!)

A FREE Micro-course

that will help you tap into your own potent medicine naturally

so that you can 

prevent burnout without numbing out in the most pleasurable ways

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A Beginner's Guide to release chronic everyday stress

so that you can

break cycles and inspire future generations to embody their own medicine.

  • This micro-course is for you if you want to:

    • Tap into your nervous system with tools you can start using today to instantly change your body-mind vibes in any moment
    • Unlock the core neural pathways that are necessary for you to build an ultra-resilient nervous system using neuroplasticity
    • Establish a grounded foundation for nourishing your nervous system pathways into DEEP REST with empowered next steps to feel more ease and flow in your daily life
  • This FREE micro-course includes a paced learning journey with:

    • Guided audio to get curious about your top micro-triggers that leave you in states of chronic low-grade stress contributing to long-term body tension and dis-ease
    • Beautiful playsheets to help support you to knowing yourself at a core level because having self-knowledge is your superpower
    • ONE 60-Minute Blissful Body VIP Group Coaching Session on Zoom for $27

Hey there! I'm Lynette, Dr. Golden Love, MD TM

I love to vibe at the forefront of cutting-edge neuroscience and modern feminine wisdom. 

I'm a Transformational Embodiment Coach and Integrative Body-Mind Medical Doctor. For almost 20 years I've been helping those I serve re-connect their bodies to their mind and I've just recently come out of the closet to share my magic with the world and shift into a new paradigm.

I have a full life, sometimes get overwhelmed, have trouble staying on top of domestic tasks at regular intervals, and even fail to identify my feelings in the moment.

And guess what?

By owning my micro-triggers, I've released 30 pounds of energetic weight from my body and kept it off, I enjoy an intimate relationship with my husband as we blissfully parent our two amazing girls, and I've learned how to transform anxious feelings into creativity while feeling ease and flow in my body.  

It's in my nature to bend and flex the norm within my mainstream life. I discovered the power of the sacred feminine along the way that goes beyond conventional wellness. My life feels abundant, radiant, and alive!

Curious about working with me?

In 1:1 sessions and my signature group programs, I'll create a safe space for you to navigate the ever-changing landscape of family, career, and everything in between. Together we'll conquer gravity and groove with more juicy aliveness. Unlock your inner goddess, embrace your sacred femininity, and live in effervescent flow. Say goodbye to stress and damage control. It's time to glow in every facet of your life and I'll help you get there!

Let me tell you all about what I've learned. It might take walking the edges of your comfort zone, but I promise I'll meet you where you are and guide you every step of the way!

The Woman's Guide to Micro-dosing

A FREE Micro-course

that will

Elevate Your Body-Brain Connection

so that you can

Prevent Burnout without Numbing Out in the most pleasurable ways.